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Compliance Management Module Creatio

A single platform for management of compliance enables convenient analysis of client’s activity in long-term perspective.

You can register KYC, AML/CFT compliance incidents using automated registration and classification by topics based on email address from which the report was received. The module accepts import of incidents from external systems, as well as collection of information and decision-making on the necessity of investigation.

The data collected in the course of the incident investigation form a digital dossier. You can set check-lists for carrying out all types of investigations and implement your own classification. Plan your correcting measures for detecting deficiencies, coordinate and assign tasks for their elimination. The module offers convenient mechanism for setting up decision-making process by various kinds of investigations. Use the advantages of grouping interrelated investigations, collecting digital documents and recording internal and external communication.

Preconfigured processes include client acceptance, regular client’s activity monitoring, processing inquiries from financial or government institutions, investigation of suspicious transactions. Use the ready-for-service integration with FICO TONBELLER Siron KYC and AML products for calculating risk score and checking for matches in sanctions lists.

Keep track and classification of compliance risks detected in the organisation by using risk catalogue. Appoint the employees in charge and store documents regulating risk management, as well as use the advantages of risk catalogue link to business processes.

Define and plan the necessary preventative measures for risk mitigation. Based on the planned actions according to the procedure, the system automatically generates tasks for the employees in charge. The functions imply also the business process of controlling execution of actions and approval of results.

Lists of undesirable persons is an option that offers input and storage of lists of persons undesirable for the organisation – both internal organisation’s lists or external sanctions lists. Use the option of automated import of lists from external sources (like OFAC, EU, UN sanctions lists), as well as automated check of persons related to investigations against matches in lists of undesirable persons.

The module ensures input and storage of various types of client questionnaires (client’s questionnaire, information of principal business partners, investment questionnaire etc.). The functionality implies support of history of questionnaire versions, convenient tool for generating new types of questionnaires, as well as procedure of coordination and approval of filled-in client’s questionnaires.

Key features

Automation of KYC, AML/CFT compliance tasks to make it smooth and flawless in your company.

  • Compliance incidents
  • Incident investigation
  • Preconfigured processes
  • AML/CFT risk catalogue
  • Preventative measures
  • Lists of undesirable persons
  • Client questionnaires