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Confero Technologies at an online marathon Creatio Low Code Day

On 25 May 2021, Confero Technologies took part in an international online marathon Creatio Low Code Day dedicated to the low-code market development trends, technology innovations and latest solutions in business process automation.

Confero Technologies belongs to the top30 leading partners of Creatio thanks to the advanced knowledge and broad experience of their specialists in developing business solutions on Creatio platform. On this marathon, Rolands Citajevs, Chief Executive Officer of Confero Technologies presented five products developed for efficient management of documents and risks.

DocFlow, DocFow Collegial and NormaDocs products help a business to improve automation of document registration and processing, including internal normative documents and their relations to external regulations, as well as offer centralized management of organizational matters of collegial bodies (committees, the board, project teams etc.), while products like RiskMaster and ComplyTrack offer automation of company’s risk registration and management processes, making them transparent and manageable, which, in turn, helps to ensure compliance with the regulatory requirements (KYC, AML, CTF, legislation, industry standards).


The video of Confero Technologies IT solutions presentation at the Low Code Day marathon is available here. In total, there were 12 business process efficiency enhancing IT products on Creatio low-code basis presented by experts from various countries.

*Low-code is a visualized automated approach to developing IT programs, enabling to reduce the need for manual coding, thus accelerating the development of IT solution and enabling engagement of employees with no coding skills.

Confero Technologies offers all-inclusive IT services for enterprises and financial institutions and develops its own software products. Our mission is to guarantee the consistency of clients’ business processes. We are the official partner of FICO Tonbeller, Creatio, Mambu, Microsoft, Oracle, Corezoid and Ondato. The high level of quality and information security of our operation is acknowledged by international certificates ISO 9001 and ISO/IEC 27001.

Creatio is an intellectual platform for business process management and CRM. It optimises and accelerates sales, marketing and service processes, as well as operational processes in the organisation. Creatio Marketplace features add-ons, software solutions, connectors and templates for improving user experience with Creatio platform and products and introducing automation into different business tasks.