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TimeSlot for Creatio: Interactive Invitation for Convenient Event Planning

While strenghtening our official partnership with Creatio, we have launched another product on the base of Creatio platform. TimeSlot for Creatio solution makes it easy to plan and coordinate time for a meeting or a call in the most convenient and technological way, without multiple exchange of emails between the parties. The software solution is already available on Creatio Marketplace online plaform.

TimeSlot for Creatio is a simple and convenient tool for arranging both internal and external meetings, calls or any other events in Creatio calendar. It can be used in daily work for quick coordination and planning of meetings of two busy persons, as well as for planning and organizing large sales sessions or presentations (clients or partners are filling in the host’s calendar choosing from the available slots without the host’s interference).

Key features:

  • Creating an invitation 
  • Sending out multiple invitations
  • Receiving and accepting invitations
  • Changing offered slots
  • Control over calendar of invitations
  • Individual design

"We are horoured to present an unprecedented solution based on Creatio plaftorm. With TimeSlot for Creatio, the host can send an invitation for a meeting or a call in one email by offering different time slots to the invitee. After the invitee chooses the preferable time slot, a meeting or a call time is automatically registered in the host’s calendar. The same set of time slots can be offered to several invitees; at the time of opening the email, the system automatically checks the availability of offered options and the ones that have already been taken become unavailable", specifies Rolands Citajevs, CEO of Confero Technologies.

You are welcome to learn more about the features of TimeSlot for Creatio.


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Creatio is an intellectual platform for business process management and CRM. It optimises and accelerates sales, marketing and service processes, as well as operational processes in the organisation. Creatio Marketplace features add-ons, software solutions, connectors and templates for improving user experience with Creatio platform and products and introducing automation into different business tasks.