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RiskMaster Creatio for Transparent Risk Management

Risk management software solution for banks

We are glad to announce the launch of our fifth application on Creatio base – RiskMaster Creatio, which makes risk and incident management processes easy, transparent and manageable in a company of any size. The app is already available on Creatio Marketplace, an online platform of our official partner Creatio, in a new section Risk and Compliance.

For any company it is a unique opportunity to ensure unified, comprehensive digital registry of incidents and risk cases –for managing both a certain type of operational risk (like customer complaints) and a whole group of various risks (like operational, credit or reputation risks). The system is closely related to other objects of Creatio (processes, persons, documents), therefore providing maximum automation of the incident and risk case processing, ensuring full set of necessary information for any investigation and control over execution of decisions aimed at risk mitigation.

RiskMaster Creatio options:

  • Recordkeeping of complaints and claims
  • Incident registration (including automated one)
  • Registration, classification and risk case processing
  • Relations between incidents and risks
  • Online risk incident investigation cases
  • Planning and tracking preventive measures
  • Audit and control of deficiency elimination
  • Reports and control over changes in number of incidents

Speaking about additional features of this solution, Rolands Citajevs, the Chief Executive Officer of Confero Technologies, says: “RiskMaster Creatio can be used for setting up a quality management system, and automation of internal audit service. The system allows you to carry out investigation, maintain recordkeeping of deficiencies and recommendations, including the ones coming from external audit and inspectors, thus ensuring transparent control of task fulfilment. The universal functionality of the product makes it a convenient and irreplaceable tool for any modern company willing to take their incident and risk management system to a completely new level”.

You are welcome to learn more about the features of RiskMaster Creatio.


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