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Confero Technologies – Official Partner of Oracle

At the end of 2020, we have become an official partner of Oracle, which enables us to improve and expand the range of the information systems and services developed by us and cut the costs for creating and maintaining these systems.

Oracle is a global leader in cloud computing technology and developing software and solutions for business environment. One of the most popular Oracle products is database management solution that is usually chosen by the companies operating large relational databases, starting from online transactions and data gathering and up to analytical information processing.

“With the new status of an official partner of Oracle, the biggest winners will be our Internetbank service clients, because now it is going to be more affordable to financial companies, and its costs will be lower. The wide functionality makes our Internetbank one of the most demanded instruments on the market of medium size financial institutions, and we intend to keep winning in this competition,” — says Member of the Board of Confero Technologies Sergejs Mazurs.


Confero Technologies offers all-inclusive IT services for enterprises and financial institutions and develops its own software products. Our mission is to guarantee the consistency of clients’ business processes. We are the official partner of FICO Tonbeller, Oracle, Creatio, Mambu and Microsoft. The high level of quality and information security of our operation is acknowledged by international certificates ISO 9001 and ISO 27001.

Oracle is offering high-level IT infrastructure, software and applications necessary for maintenance and analysis of large-scale databases, as well as for development of comprehensive business-oriented information technology solutions, for example, for carrying out online transactions, planning company’s resources, managing customer relations and supply chains.