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ComplyTrack Creatio – your ultimate compliance tool

As we continue developing our own products on Creatio platform, today we present you the seventh of our solutions: ComplyTrack Creatio. This is an application that will help a company to ensure compliance with all the regulator’s requirements, like KYC, AML/CTF, other legislation and industry standards. This solution is already available on Creatio Marketplace.

This application offers a unique complex of functions and online processes necessary for an organization to comply with the money laundering and terrorism financing prevention. Its close relation to other Creatio objects (processes, persons, documents) enables a new level of automation of compliance incident processing, ensures full set of information for any investigation, as well as control of execution of compliance risk mitigation tasks.

Key features of ComplyTrack Creatio:

  • Onboarding
  • Risk scoring
  • Control list matches
  • Person’s information, relations and questionnaire management
  • Compliance incident registration
  • Online investigation cases
  • Pre-configured online processes
  • Management of compliance documents
  • Control of compliance task execution

“While working on ComplyTrack Creatio, we had finance, insurance, pension fund management and similar industry companies in mind. In the modern world, compliance is one of the key priorities for them. ComplyTrack Creatio makes compliance functions and processes easy, transparent and manageable. However, this solution is suitable not only for those specific industries, it can be useful for any company, since it can be used also for automation of compliance with other requirements of the regulator, like legislation or industry standards. A universal and broad functionality of this application makes it a convenient tool for internal control system,” — says CEO of Confero Technologies Rolands Citajevs.

You are welcome to learn more about the features of ComplyTrack Creatio.

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