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Business and IT leaders are welcome to join online event No-Code Marathon

From 25 till 29 October 2021, Terrasoft is organizing a large-scale event called “No-Code Marathon: ACCELERATE” dedicated to no-code* market development trends, technology innovations and efficiency improvement in companies of various industries, from banks and financial institutions to retail and manufacturing companies.

During the five days of the event, the floor will be given to more than 50 experts from Russia and other countries, who are going to share their experience in innovative solutions and strategies that helped businesses to successfully adapt to the requirements of the modern digital world.

Among others, Rolands Citajevs, CEO of Confero Technologies, will also speak about solutions in the field of automation of document flow, organizational matters of collegial bodies, as well as will present other solutions designed for businesses to improve automation of customer onboarding and risk management processes, strengthen control of those risks for full compliance with the requirements of the regulators.

Event agenda includes also:

  • Exclusive interviews with the biggest business and IT leaders from Russia and other countries;
  • Real-life success stories of various businesses about the role of no-code technology in increasing productivity;
  • Exciting exchange of opinions on transformation of business-models in digitalization era;
  • Presentation of efficient IT solutions

No-Code Marathon participants will have a chance to obtain exhausting information about no-code technology and its contribution to increasing productivity of businesses of various industries, learn about real-life cases of its application, take part in workshops and see demonstrations of IT solutions.

You are welcome to join the event and get inspired for boosting productivity of your business. Learn more about the event and sign up. See you at the virtual event!

* No-code is a visualized automated approach to developing IT programs, enabling to reduce the need for manual coding, thus accelerating the development of IT solution and enabling engagement of employees with no coding skills.

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