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Financial Suite Creatio

A complete package includes solutions tailored for financial industry and perfected in real life conditions in several banks.

Client relations management (CRM) system provides centralized management of employee’s, client’s, partner’s information ensuring compliance with GDPR and MiFID2. The functions ensure also client segmentation, client’s risk analysis, checking persons against lists (sanctions, undesirable persons) and procedure of automated deletion of information according to the effective regulatory enactments.

Enjoy the benefits of automated sales with a catalogue of products and rates, with an option to form segmented offers and automated sales tasks. You can control task statuses and use control panel of product and service sales process monitoring.

Risk management tool enables the user to keep a risk register, automatically register incidents (by an event or upon report to a specially designated email), group the incidents and risks, manage investigations using digital procedures, as well as obtain operative reports.

Document circulation implies record-keeping (register of incoming and outgoing mail), database of regulatory enactments (announcement, version control, digital procedure for coordination and approval), search by metadata and content. You can sign documents with a digital signature, create and manage digital libraries and manage digital and paper archive.

Publish company news and regulatory enactments on the internal portal. This tool will ensure your employees with access to document libraries, contacts and phone book of colleagues, useful links, knowledge base, discussions open for all employees or specific groups of participants. You can also use digital processes for coordination and approval of vacations, work trips, paying invoices etc.

Ensure internal and external servicing via Service Desk. Here you can register requests, control their status, close orders with a solution description and automated notification to the client about execution status. The tool includes also FAQ, control of terms and conditions for SLA, registration and control of incidents, problems, projects, amendments.

Manage logistics to organize business process of sending parcels to and receiving them from the clients. You can group the mail by delivery address in the processing centre, use integration with external service providers (like DHL or FedEx) and issue bills for the operations.

Create your own digital procedures with automated notifications, including a universal digital process for maximum flexibility of work. With the operative reports you will control the situation at all times. The tool offers to replace executer with a substitute upon absence of the former and return the unfinished processes to the executer upon returning to work, as well as set regular reminders about processes waiting to be executed.

Key features

Enhance efficiency of processes in your financial institution with the help of interrelated solutions.

  • Client relationships management (CRM)
  • Sales automation
  • Risk management
  • Document circulation
  • Internal portal
  • Service Desk
  • Logistics management
  • Digital procedures